TRX Rip Trainer Course


Once you have successfully completed the Rip Training course, you will have everything you need to:

  • Use the Rip Trainer to get a great total body workout.
  • Safely and effectively instructor others on the Rip Trainer.
  • Set up the Rip Trainer in various environments- indoors and outdoors.
  • Explain to colleagues and clients the science and benefits behind Rip Training.
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The TRX Rip Trainer pairs together a weighted bar and bungee system to create one of fitness’ best-kept secrets. At the end of this training course you will have the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities to use the Rip Trainer.

Whether your focus is on injury prevention, general fitness, or sports performance, this course will teach you how to safely and effectively us the Rip Trainer for your own training, modify, and progress exercises for your clients, and build your general Rip Training knowledge.

Time & Date

20th March 2022


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