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Become A Certified Health Coach

ISSA’s Health Coach certification is for personal trainers and other health professionals who want to help clients overcome physical and mental health barriers to achieve their optimal wellness.

ISSA Health Coaches are the experts other trainers and wellness coaches turn to when they require a specialist in handling unique client health needs outside their scope of practice.

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Why Become a Health Coach?

Why Become a Health Coach?

Health Coaches address obstacles bigger than what can be solved in the gym. They provide the guidance needed to help clients with health conditions, and develop programs that empower these individuals — providing insight, accountability, and motivation to make lasting positive change. ISSA Certified Health Coaches offer an essential service to trainers, other health professionals, and clients.

Become a Health Coach if you:

  • Value the importance that health plays in reaching fitness goals
  • Want to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives
  • Are interested in psychology and positive behavioral change
  • Want to get more clients
  • Are looking for a new and lucrative way to continue your fitness education




What Knowledge Will I Gain As a Health Coach?

What Knowledge Will I Gain As a Health Coach?

As an ISSA Health Coach, you’ll gain the skills you need to work with clients who require an expert in health, psychology and fitness – because these clients need it all to reach their goals. You will provide essential training to help them overcome struggles that are leading to a lack of goal achievement, motivation, or behavior change – and ultimately, help them live their best and healthiest life.

In ISSA’s Health Coach Course, You’ll Learn:

  • Cognitive Behavior Approaches
  • Goal Setting and Psychology Skills for Health Coaching
  • Chronic Health Conditions
  • Basic Exercise and Nutrition Science
  • Stress Management Skills
  • Health Coaching Scenarios
  • Health Coaching Business, Practice, and Ethics




Who Are ISSA Health Coaches?

Who Are ISSA Health Coaches?

When exercise and diet isn’t enough to fully live a healthy lifestyle, Health Coaches step in to help clients reach their wellness goals. Your ISSA Health Coach certification will prepare you to work with any client with any health condition. Your knowledge will help your clients create lasting healthy behaviors that will change their lives for the better.

Health Coaches have the solution for overcoming whatever may be preventing a client from achieving their goals.






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